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Bangladeshi Dishes

  • Deshi Chicken
    £6.30 Deshi Chicken
    Sliced chicken tikka cooked in hot spices with green chillies & balti massalla sauce, full of flavour.
  • Karai Rani
    £6.50 Karai Rani
    Strips of succulent tandoori chicken in a spicy sauce made of spinach, mincemeat, onions, fresh garlic & boiled egg.
  • Machli Jalfrezi
    £6.95 Machli Jalfrezi
    Cooked using Pangash, a meaty Bangladeshi fresh water fish in a spicy jalfrezi sauce with fresh green chillies, onions, tomatoes & peppers.
  • NEW! Arakan Gosht
    £6.95 NEW! Arakan Gosht
    Arakan people live in the hilly south-east of Bangladesh. These people eat lamb using the hottest green chilli and calamansi to give a hot flavour.
  • NEW! Modhu Chicken
    £6.50 NEW! Modhu Chicken
    Pieces of chicken tikka cooked in a mild honey sauce, with almonds, fresh cream & pistachio nuts.
  • NEW! Tikka Garlic
    £6.30 Choose Options NEW! Tikka Garlic
    Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with chopped garlic, fenugreek spice, roasted onions & peppers in a thick medium hot sauce.
  • Tikka Bengal
    £6.30 Choose Options Tikka Bengal
    Chicken or lamb tikka, onions, green chillies, garlic, tomato & coriander cooked in a fairly hot spicy sauce. Comes highly recommended.
  • Tikka Naaga
    £6.30 Choose Options Tikka Naaga
    Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with sliced wild Bangladeshi Naga (one of the hottest chillies in the world) in a lemon & ginger sauce. Very hot dish.
  • Tikka Satkora
    £6.95 Choose Options Tikka Satkora
    Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with satkora (a citrus fruit grown only in Sylhet, Bangladesh) in a hot & sour sauce to give that unique taste of the region.
  • Tikka Zalzinga
    £6.50 Choose Options Tikka Zalzinga
    Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with chopped zalzinga, a gourd style Bangladeshi vegetable (also know as a cucurbit or snake gourd) with a similar texture to pumpkin. A spicy curry, topped with spinach & onions.